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Bill Holland
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Global Producer of Premium Seafood Hires EVP & Chief Commercial Officer
EVP, Chief Commercial Officer

We were hired by our client to find an exceptional executive to move the company forward in key strategic areas. A comprehensive international search yielded an ideal candidate with the required functional and industry experience.


Consumer Products & Services

Executive, Sales, Marketing

EVP, Chief Commercial Officer

Halifax, Nova Scotia

A global leader in the harvesting, processing and distribution of shellfish were looking to hire an EVP & Chief Commercial Officer. This individual would be responsible to drive two key strategies: targeting profitable and growing markets, channels and customers; and innovating and positioning products to deliver superior customer satisfaction and value.  Their objective was to bring in a seasoned executive with a breadth of global experience and leadership and managerial skills in the areas of sales and marketing.

We met with the client to gain a thorough understanding of the organization, the role and our mandate. Together, we developed company and position profiles to present to potential candidates. To find the best talent to work in a Canadian destination, we first identified Canadian trained and developed candidates currently working internationally. We also identified global talent in Europe, Asia and North America who were open to relocating to Canada. The short list included candidates from the UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Norway, the US and Canada. While the Canadians had the requisite skills, they were unable to be lured back to Canada. In addition to the usual challenges of identifying and motivating talent, we also had to consider the details of work eligibility in Canada.

An American with substantial experience and the requisite skills, was hired for this unique Canadian opportunity. The new hire had a distinguished international career with almost three decades of experience in industrial and consumer sectors including senior leadership positions in China and the US. He was the ideal candidate for the role, having a background in marketing and sales as well as food industry experience.

In the search for our head of global marketing and sales, we decided to retain Bill because of his extensive network in the consumer packaged goods industry. We interviewed talent from around the globe, eventually landing on an outstanding hire for the role. Bill’s contribution to the hiring process went well beyond sourcing talent. His advice and counsel throughout the search made what was likely to be an impossible task, a smooth and productive process for all our stakeholders. Bill is a highly experienced search professional that always puts your interest before his own. I’ve known Bill throughout my career, and highly recommend him to anyone who needs a true search professional.
- Company CEO

«Je fais affaire depuis plusieurs années avec Mandrake Groupe Conseil et celui-ci représente un partenaire de choix. Quelque soit le niveau de difficulté des postes à combler, Mandrake s’assure de me dénicher la perle rare qui correspond à mes attentes. Leur suivi de dossiers est toujours apprécié et leur grande disponibilité me permet d’agir rapidement. De plus, la pertinence des propos qu’ils tiennent en lien avec la situation du marché, ainsi que la gestion de la perception des candidats à propos des défis à relever dans le cadre des postes à combler ajoutent beaucoup de valeur à notre partenariat. Je n’hésite pas à les contacter que ce soit pour un conseil ou pour leur donner un mandat.»
Directrice, Partenaire d’affaires
Ressources humaines – Vidéotron Ltée
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