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Bill Holland
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CleanTech Lighting Solutions Company Hires CEO
Chief Executive Officer

Our client, a green technology startup, hired us to find a CEO with engineering as well as B2B sales and marketing experience to commercialize an award winning lighting solution. We found an exceptional leader who met all of the client's criteria with the skills, talent and behavioural fit to bring the organization to the next level.


Clean Technology, Business to Business, Manufacturing & Distribution; Private Equity, Small Medium Enterprise

Executive Office

Chief Executive Officer


Our client is a Canadian lighting solutions startup that developed an award winning, cost saving green technology. Ready to bring their product to market nationally and worldwide, they were looking for a new CEO with an engineering background as well as extensive B2B sales and marketing experience. The CEO would serve as the primary operations executive of the business, responsible for the efficient performance of the business as well as leading the Executive Team, supporting the Board and cultivating positive stakeholder relations. Furthermore, they would be charged with building the sales distribution channel of the business in a rapid and cost-effective manner. As such, the hired candidate would have to demonstrate advanced managerial capabilities and interpersonal skills.

We went to market in search of a business leader with both industry specific and startup experience. Through our contacts in clean technology, we were able to identify and target individuals who fit the criteria outlined by our client. Specifically, we were looking for leaders with knowledge of electrical lighting and clean technology as well as demonstrated competence in general management.

We were successful in finding an exceptional individual who demonstrated the skills, experience, leadership talent and behavioural fit required by our client and the investor group.  The new hire had a track record of success in managing start up businesses as well as experience in B2B sales and marketing of engineered products. Ultimately the new CEO was able to pull the team together and evolve and augment it to support the growth of the business.

Bill is a mature, knowledgeable and incredibly connected individual who truly cares about helping his clients to achieve success. He is an individual with high integrity who is honest and forthright in all of his business dealings. If you're a small to mid-sized clean tech company looking to expand your business, talking to Bill and his associates is a must first step.
Interim CEO

«Je fais affaire depuis plusieurs années avec Mandrake Groupe Conseil et celui-ci représente un partenaire de choix. Quelque soit le niveau de difficulté des postes à combler, Mandrake s’assure de me dénicher la perle rare qui correspond à mes attentes. Leur suivi de dossiers est toujours apprécié et leur grande disponibilité me permet d’agir rapidement. De plus, la pertinence des propos qu’ils tiennent en lien avec la situation du marché, ainsi que la gestion de la perception des candidats à propos des défis à relever dans le cadre des postes à combler ajoutent beaucoup de valeur à notre partenariat. Je n’hésite pas à les contacter que ce soit pour un conseil ou pour leur donner un mandat.»
Directrice, Partenaire d’affaires
Ressources humaines – Vidéotron Ltée
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