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Stefan Danis
CEO & Chief Talent Officer
Telephone: 416.922.5600  Ext: 240
Email: danis@mandrake.ca
Location: Toronto
About Stefan

Stéfan is Chief Talent Officer & CEO at Mandrake (www.mandrake.ca). He holds a similar role with First Human Capital Management (www.firsthcm.com). These firms operate in the Search, Career Transition, Talent Management, and Human Capital Management businesses, nationally. He is listed in the Who’s Who in Ontario, and is a member of YPO. Stéfan started his career in the Marketing department of Procter & Gamble and has a B.Comm. from McGill University.

Stéfan has over 25 years of experience in executive recruiting, and has influenced the growth of one of Canada’s largest privately-held search firm. Outside of his direct involvement in the recruiting of dozens of CEO’s, he has brokered several M&A’s. He has also led hundreds of executive engagements in Finance, Sales, HR, Marketing, and Strategy for various service, not-for-profit, and manufacturing companies. He is an expert on the War on Talent and the issues surrounding the changing face of human capital in today’s market, and frequently published, on air, or as a speaker.  He is a leader in creating and structuring competitive advantages for organizations looking to attract and retain talent. Stéfan also speaks about change management, overcoming adversity, and personal leadership, leveraging his story around running 250km unaided international foot races in various deserts.


Stéfan has been very active driving social responsibility, including:

  • Running for Nabs www.running4nabs.com Founder (Stéfan has run across the Gobi and Atacama deserts to raise funds for unemployed and distressed executives and helped raise more than $100,000)
  • Skate for Kids www.skateforkids.com, an event benefiting kids at risk of which Stéfan is Co-Founder, -Chair has netted >$850,000
  • Marketing Hall of Legends of Canada www.marketinghalloflegends.ca Co-Founder, and annual Co-Chair (MHOL inducts Canadians for marketing lifetime achievement, more than 50 inductees thus far since 2005, and includes various successful mentoring programs for marketers on the rise)

Stéfan is/has been on the Board of:

  • McGill Business Faculty Advisory Board
  • Privately held business in the Media and Manufacturing industries
  • YPO www.ypo.org   (global organization of young presidents promoting leadership and idea exchange) as Chair, Education, and former Chair, Membership, and global Co-Chair, Integration
  • World Education Services www.wes.org,
  • Social Enterprise Development Innovations www.sedi.org,
  • The Power Plant www.thepowerplant.org (TPP - Canada’s leading contemporary art gallery), as Governance and Nominations Chair
  • ProAction www.copsandkids.ca (outreach program from cops to kids at risk),
  • American Marketing Association www.marketingpower.com (AMA), (global organization of leading marketers)


Stéfan is proud parent of two teenage daughters and an avid sports enthusiast:

  • Top 20 finish at the Windsurfing World Championships, Canadian Vice-Champion
  • Desert Ultra-Marathons; 1st Place (40-50 age group) Gobi March, 1st place (Team) Atacama Crossing, each 250Km Desert Race part of 4Desert race circuit.

What interests me besides business?

Family and Friends. I am an only son; blessed with two teenage daughters; and can count on great friends, old and new.

People.    I meet a few hundred new ones a year. I read people well and study human beings; why they do what they do and try to predict future behaviour.

Learning. I invest 100 hours a year continuously learning and also give back by being a frequent speaker on various topics, from talent management to overcoming adversity.

Giving Back. I have helped create numerous mentoring opportunities via program design, fund raising, or simply public speaking.

Travel. I have a large world map at home with push pins on 50+ countries. We value experiences and adventures as a family. I welcome all travel ideas - if you have been and it was great, odds are I will want to go too.

I am a Toronto Transit Commission rider and do not own a car. I am working towards being carbon neutral. Painful at times but it feels right.

Language. French raised.

Moving. I am a serial renovator; co-owned/renovated 10 homes/multi dwellings. 

Saying Yes. I like to engage in life. A project shows up, I typically jump in and say yes!

Writing. I am involved in writing a book and I blog as well.

Other stuff. Kids and Parenting, Wine and Contemporary Art collecting, and Laughter.


General Management

  • President and CEO of a Digital Advisory Firm
  • President & CEO of global advertising agency
  • General Manager for a leading retailer
  • President for a major loyalty reward company
  • President for a national institute
  • President for a distribution company
  • President for a national association
  • Managing Director of a branding company
  • President of a plastics manufacturing company
  • Executive Vice President for a communications company
  • President & CEO for a major not for profit company
  • Director for a leading modern art, government assisted gallery



  • Chief Communications Officer for a Canadian university
  • VP Marketing for a large job board
  • CMO for a bank
  • CMO for an energy distribution company
  • CMO for a distribution company
  • Vice President Marketing
  • Vice President Marketing for a global food company
  • Vice President for a government broadcaster
  • Director of Strategy for a government broadcaster



  • VP Sales for Canada’s leading job board
  • VP Sales for a media company
  • VP Sales for publicly traded telecom company


Human Resources

  • Vice President Human Resources for a publicly traded global beverage company



  • CFO for a merchant bank
  • CFO for an infrastructure assessment and remediation company
  • CFO for a construction company
  • CFO for income trust
  • CFO for an environmental remediation company
  • Principal for a private equity firm; Associates for investment banks
  • Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for a publicly traded automotive manufacturer
  • Vice President Finance for income trust; CFO for merchant bank
  • Vice President Finance for income trust


Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Lead on 10+ transactions in the service business


"Stefan is not only an Executive Consultant with a track record of few hundred completed C-level searches, but the CEO of one of Canadian's best Executive Search and HR Consultancy firm. He is a strategic advisor to numerous senior level executives (Supervisory Boards and Board of Directors) as well as a coach and mentor to many professionals. His entrepreneurship experiences, abilities and achievements are both well recognized and appreciated by world's known YPO. He is a person one can trust, rely on, expect that he would deliver, enjoy his companion and sense a of humor, admire his wisdom and values, and respect him for what he stands for both as his family is concerned and the business he runs. What is quite unique about him is that being extremely blessed to be successful, he constantly remembers about those less fortunate and in need. He is an initiator of many undertakings to raise money, support and help others financially. One of the few ones that I would dream to work with if I had a chance to. Without any hesitation I would encourage any of my Clients to work with Stefan in Canada."
Daniel Lewczuk
CEO at Executive Network/IMD International Search
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