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Industry Practices:
Gregg Perry
Vice President, Partner
Telephone: 416.922.5600  Ext: 250
Email: gperry@mandrake.ca
Location: Toronto
About Gregg

Gregg graduated from Carlton University with a BA (LAW) in 2005 with a degree focus in Corporate Law. Gregg worked for Mandrake on a contract basis in 2000 and joined full time in 2005.

Since joining Mandrake, Gregg’s exceptional advisory talent has resulted in his career fast tracking. In 2010 Gregg became a Vice President and in 2011 was invited to be a Partner at Mandrake.

Gregg’s instinct for finding talent has him working in the following industry practices: Hospitality, Government & Public Sector, Education, Retail, and Consumer Packaged Goods.

Gregg also acts as the Practice leader for Mandrake’s Hospitality Practice, also with a focus in the Government and Public Sector Practice.

Practices Areas:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Government
  • Home Improvement

He has focused in the following functional practice areas;

  • General Management
  • Sales
  • Marketing & Research
  • Supply Chain &Operations
  • Retail Operations
  • Human Resources
  • Public Relations

 Sampling of Search Experience

  • Account Executive, Federal Government
  • Business Manager, Consumer packaged goods
  • Account Development Manager, Consumer packaged goods
  • National Account Manager, Food Service
  • Senior Merchant for Hardware, Home Improvement
  • Senior Director of Marketing, Home Improvement
  • Director of Global Sourcing Home Improvement Company
  • Trade marketing manager, Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Director of Business Transformation, Hospitality
  • General Manager, Hospitality
  • Area Manager, Hospitality
  • Director, Hospitality
  • VP Business Intelligence, Hospitality
  • VP Real-Estate, Hospitality
  • VP Construction, Hospitality
  • Real Estate-Development Manager, Hospitality
  • Franchising Manager, Hospitality
  • VP Human Resources, Government
  • VP Public Relations, Government
  • Sr Manager Board Services, Government
"Stefan is not only an Executive Consultant with a track record of few hundred completed C-level searches, but the CEO of one of Canadian's best Executive Search and HR Consultancy firm. He is a strategic advisor to numerous senior level executives (Supervisory Boards and Board of Directors) as well as a coach and mentor to many professionals. His entrepreneurship experiences, abilities and achievements are both well recognized and appreciated by world's known YPO. He is a person one can trust, rely on, expect that he would deliver, enjoy his companion and sense a of humor, admire his wisdom and values, and respect him for what he stands for both as his family is concerned and the business he runs. What is quite unique about him is that being extremely blessed to be successful, he constantly remembers about those less fortunate and in need. He is an initiator of many undertakings to raise money, support and help others financially. One of the few ones that I would dream to work with if I had a chance to. Without any hesitation I would encourage any of my Clients to work with Stefan in Canada."
Daniel Lewczuk
CEO at Executive Network/IMD International Search
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