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Harold Perry
Telephone: 416.922.5600  Ext: 381
Email: hperry@mandrake.ca
Location: Toronto
About Harold

Harold Perry’s background includes over 40 years in the executive search field, servicing more than 150 Canadian and International organizations.  He has successfully completed over 1000 senior executive searches.  

As Founder and Chairman of Mandrake, Harold is the inspiration for his company's innovative and entrepreneurial spirit. Harold founded his executive search practice in 1970. Since then, he has seen significant growth in the Mandrake team, whose dedication and experience contribute to the continuing success of the organization.  Harold is also a member of the Board of Directors of wwwork! and NEXCareer.

Harold has many associations that extend beyond Mandrake:

  • The Federal Cabinet appointed Harold as a Commissioner of the Toronto Harbour Commission in August 1995 and re-appointed in 1998.  He was elected Chair from January 1998 to June 1999.  In June 1999, the Toronto Harbour Commission became the Toronto Port Authority and he acted as Chair until the new board was appointed.
  • Harold has been an active contributor to numerous other charities. 
  • Harold established a University Scholarship Fund over 25 years ago.
  • Harold has been an active contributor to numerous other charities.
  • Past Member of the Ontario Racing Commission.  As a thoroughbred owner and breeder since 1980, Harold was appointed to the Ontario Racing Commission for a three year term in 2003.


"Stefan is not only an Executive Consultant with a track record of few hundred completed C-level searches, but the CEO of one of Canadian's best Executive Search and HR Consultancy firm. He is a strategic advisor to numerous senior level executives (Supervisory Boards and Board of Directors) as well as a coach and mentor to many professionals. His entrepreneurship experiences, abilities and achievements are both well recognized and appreciated by world's known YPO. He is a person one can trust, rely on, expect that he would deliver, enjoy his companion and sense a of humor, admire his wisdom and values, and respect him for what he stands for both as his family is concerned and the business he runs. What is quite unique about him is that being extremely blessed to be successful, he constantly remembers about those less fortunate and in need. He is an initiator of many undertakings to raise money, support and help others financially. One of the few ones that I would dream to work with if I had a chance to. Without any hesitation I would encourage any of my Clients to work with Stefan in Canada."
Daniel Lewczuk
CEO at Executive Network/IMD International Search
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